Mips1 Updates (And notes on MiningWeb)

Stock exchanges on mineweb show that gold is still primed for $400/oz (that gold short position).

Bill Murphy’s interview with tim wood at mineweb has also shown us his view about “central bank gold sales on knife-edge”.

MiningWeb was recently introduced and we hope you check it out.

We personally love it.

Because it rocks!

mips1 cbd

But don’t count on declining gold production if you are someone who has read the idiot’s guide to derivatives.

Thanks for joining us at Mips1.net by the way!

We really hope you enjoy our content.

We have been talking about investing in CBD oil for quite some time now.

There are tons of people saying it should go up soon.

Barrick bowing to ‘today’s investment climate is a really good topic to look into, but now it looks like the barrick hedge will be dropped.

Newmont has also been scalping hedge cynics in the crowded intermediate gold space(which is why CBD is so much better).

mips1 miningweb

This is why we are so encouraged.

Photos of the grasberg pitwall collapse have recently surface around their same hedge fund as well.

In other news, we actually don’t care!


Many people have been mining trust buys into gold according to our old content.

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