Which charity should I give to?

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If you’re kind and generous to give money to a charity, you’re probably the type of person who wishes he or she could give more, volunteer more, and contribute more in whatever way to making the world a better place (ignoring of course the minority of charity donators who do it simply for the prestige or the tax breaks.) It can be quite difficult therefore at times to decide how to invest one’s limited resources.

One of the easiest ways to donate is to give to larger, well-known charities such as Red Cross or Red Crescent and any of the charities affiliated with the UN. The Office of the High Commissioner for the UN Human Rights regularly complies a list of charities that it works with in order to achieve its aims in the world of human rights and equality.

Some charities appeal to one’s sense of community and community development in which they seek to further the needs and desires of specific industries. Any number of charities can be found at universities, donations to which often go towards the students or developing the scholastic abilities of the community in one way or another.

There’s also a great many more location-specific charities. In drier climates like Australia or parts of the Western United States environmental charities abound where cities and regions struggle to combat annual wildfires or where water scarcity is a major issue for these communities. Maintaining pure water supplies is not just an issue in developing countries but anywhere where there is substantial agriculture or industry. If you check the headlines of your local paper you’re likely to see what topics are most important, whether it’s something environmental like water preservation and conservation or something like refugee support and integration.

Other charities come from a more religious set of beliefs, with some charities targeting Muslims, which fits in with one of the tenants of Islam about giving alms to the poor. While these charities obviously accept donations from people of all faiths and non-believers alike, they focus on the Muslim community in the UK. Religious charities often focus on causes that are in sync with the beliefs of the religion or philosophy and for potential donators with a religious conscious these are often the best bets.

Of course it’s not merely Islam that has given to developing charitable organisations. Many of the world’s best known charities today, such as the Salvation Army, started as an explicitly Christian charity. Although not now immediately associated with the protestant faith that founded it, the charity still has Christian routes.

Regardless of which charity you decide to donate to, it remains a noble endeavour and one that can bring much needed aid and support to communities and individuals who may not be able to help themselves owing to whatever circumstances. So, regardless of who you decide to give to bear in mind that you’re doing a good deed!